Naturel Eco Friendly Bamboo Hair Comb



Massage Wooden Comb Bamboo Hair Vent Brush Brushes Hair Care and Beauty SPA Massager bamboo hair comb.


  • Material: bamboo
  • Detailed Size: 6 x 4cm x 0.8mm
  • Please allow for exact measurement differences because the combs are handmade. 


Maintenance Instruction:

1. Keep away from fire.

2. Don't wet it longer.

3. Avoid throwing, bending, and high temperature.

4. Don't put it in the sun exposure longer.

5. Keep it in a ventilated environment.

6. Clean it in cold water with a soft brush, and dry it with towel gently.

7. Apply a small amount of olive oil to maintain sandalwood combs smooth and shiny.

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