Fruit Infuser water bottle 1000ml



  • 32 Oz Infusion Water Bottle is toxin-free, shatter-resistant, and impact-resistant
  • Tritan copolyester: safe and durable full-length & removable infuser rod ensures that your water is infused to the very last drop, providing the best flavor.
  • Design: The robust O-ring and metal latching loop - say goodbye to those unwanted spontaneous lid openings and the leaks that usually follow/
  • Convenient Thumb Releasing Button and Auto Align Lid: help drink more comfortably
  • Free Cleaning Brush: helps you clean the Infuser Water Bottle more easily.


  • Aid in Digestion.
  • Weight loss & hunger control.
  • Helps joint lubrication.
  • Detoxify the body & reduce your sugar intake
  • Helps absorb great amounts of raw vitamins & minerals.
  • Help reduce wrinkles & improve overall skin tone & elasticity.
  • Stimulates brain function - concentration & alertness with increased nutrients.

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