HAWARD Colorful Double Edge Safety Razor



  • With a sturdy textured handle for a safe grip, HAWARD razor is ideal for shaving the face as well as the body. Whether you use it in the sink, shower, or bath, the texture handle will always stay grippy. 
  • The additional benefit of the HAWARD women's safety razor is the gap between the frame and blade, enabling hairs to escape from the head of the safety razor, rather than being stuck like disposable razors.
  • This double edge safety razor is suitable for beginners and pros, achieving the perfect shave for legs, head, body, and face with stable and steady glides
  • Body grooming is a part of a man’s routine every morning, and for women as well. Imagine that your shaver gift can be used every day, at most, since this is a vital item that your family and friends can use for daily health routines.


  • 1 x Double-edge razor
  • 20 x blades
  • 1 x lovely gift box

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