Travel in style and save the Planet

It is no secret how much plastic water bottles damage our oceans and kill marine life. A plastic bottle can take 450-1000 years to fully decompose in the ocean while releasing millions of particles of microplastics throughout its lifetime. Have you ever wondered how you can do your part in cleaning our oceans? Well, now it's easier than ever thanks to Monarc and their Settra Series Bag. Monarc's Settra Series Bag takes 50-100 plastic bottles from the ocean and turns them into a fully functional travel bag. The Settra Series has so many storage options and modular components including tech packs, camera/lens cases, compression cases, and can even act as laundry bags. Do something great for yourself and something great for the environment, all while traveling in style with the Settra Series bag. Use my link below to get your now!


Save the environment and get your Settra Series!



*I'd like to remain transparent and let you all know that with each click of this link and purchase of this product, I do receive compensation, however, that is not the main purpose of this. I stand-by and support each product and its functions and I would not recommend a product to you if I didn't believe in it myself.*